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Outdated property generates high cash flow for the Landlord without any hassle

Being a landlord in the UK means lots of responsibilities related to the property. For example, dealing with the tenants, taking care of maintenance, etc.

There is a solution for generating cash flow from your properties (even the old ones!) without any hassle. You can enjoy guaranteed rent, freedom from tenants, and total peace of mind.

In our case, we took over an old property that was not rentable for regular tenants. It had been unoccupied for two years! Our company became a tenant and started renting the whole property as a corporate let with the management agreement. The property owner allowed us to rent out the property on a short-term let basis while managing and taking responsibility. The benefits for the landlord were very significant! We started paying rent from the 1st day and added value, while regular tenants usually devalued the property.

As it is a corporate let, the eviction ban does not apply in this case. If the company does not pay the rent, you can get them out within a week.

Why is it guaranteed? As the company has invested in the landlord's property amount of money (marketing, furnishing, painting, refurbishing), the last thing they want is to lose their investment.

You can also forget the phone calls from your tenant such as broken toilet seat, leaking tap, bulb replacement, fridge/washing machine stopped working., you name it.

If we take over property under those conditions, your property value goes up in many cases. Therefore, you can release some equity to fund one of your other investments.

Disclaimer: We are not financial advisors. Do not take anything on the internet as financial advice, ever. Do your research. Consult a professional investment advisor before making any investment decisions! Do your due diligence and always check up on the company that offers guaranteed rent.

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